Summit Appraisal Services
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Summit Appraisal Services offers a wide range of appraisal and consulting services.  In most cases, Joel Tran will complete the work.  In instances where there is a large portfolio of properties or other expertise is needed, Summit Appraisal teams up with another firm.  If outside help is needed, the client is notified in the fee proposal.  The main categories of work done by Summit Appraisal Services include:

Litigation Support

Mr. Tran has had years of experience working on valuation for legal matters.  He has qualified to testify as an expert witness at number of courts and assisted council in preparation for trial.  Services provided include current and forensic valuations, review of appraisers reports, exhibit displays, direct and cross examination preparation, mediation, and testimony.

Consulting Services

These services range from fair rental valuations for lease renewals,  variance impact analysis, easement valuations, partial taking impact studies, Highest and Best Use Analysis, data gathering and presentation.

Valuation Services

Summit Appraisal Services provides valuation services for financing, litigation, eminent domain, divorce proceedings, tax reporting, arbitration, partial interest valuation, estate values and charitable donations.  The appraisal reports are tailored to the client's needs and can vary from self-contained, summary to a restricted use appraisal report.

                Summit Appraisal Services, 4 Summit Avenue, Sharon, MA 02067 781-806-5329
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